Being in Germany on this momentous, portentous centenary got me to wondering what the positive achievements of the ‘Great’ War 1914 - 1918 were. For what did all those millions of people die, from every major European country? For what did they go through all that horror, stress and anguish and gigantic effort and expense? For what was all that destruction? What positive gain did those left behind receive? They certainly received terrible suffering and loss and grief. As for what might be construed as positive, I can not perceive or sense or find one single tiny thing - to me, it all seems like loss, loss, loss.

The military-industrial complex, with their scientists and technical experts were largely to blame. They are still very much with us. It doesn’t take great intelligence to understand that these clever monsters are best placed to profit from another horror show, even more technological than the last two, and with robots too! UK government supports these trash with billions of pounds.

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