Nkosi sikelel Africa - one of the most beautiful tunes I ever did hear. I heard it this morning on the radio, and I thought to myself 'This song is about the dignity of Africa and that means the whole of Africa: yet this song comes out of South Africa and is now their national anthem’.


This is a breadth of perception that we are sorely missing. By contrast, I thought of the truly terrible image of the spokespeople of the European Research Group that has been in the papers recently. They look like the white Boer masters of the old South Africa. These are people who I think careless about the future of Europe, careless about the future generations, careless about democracy itself, though they spout themselves as democrats. Their selfishness and lack of insight seems to show in those faces, which I find to be horrible faces. Not only are these people the puppet masters pulling Theresa Mays strings, they are part of an energy that has seized a negative, destructive control of the political process in our country. Their intentions steal from me my identity as a European, and I resent them.

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